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Our path is less traveled...

and we take it together

Cochran Family Homeschool
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In 2003 I decided I wanted to homeschool my son. He was 2 years old at the time. I began by teaching him his numbers and letters and then letter sounds. I didn't do strict lessons or anything like that and it was very much child led.

In 2004 we moved to San Diego. Orion was 3. In the summer of 2004 I began doing lessons with my son. The lessons lasted anywhere from 30-60 minutes a day. After our first lesson, which was on color, I realized how much I enjoyed working with him. He enjoyed it too. I realized then that I would LOVE to homeschool and couldn't imagine anything but.

In 2005 my daughter was born. Leading up to her birth I taught Orion about birth, nursing, and anything else I thought he might need to learn for when his sister was born. Especially since I had a home birth. With the baby in a sling I continued to teach my son, who was already beginning to show an interest in learning things that should've been beyond his years.

In 2006 I enrolled him in California Virtual Academy. It was a homeschool program payed for by the state. In this program we used the k12 curriculum, which based on my research was the best homeschool curriculum around. We did kindergarten and he and I loved it. We also by that time were meeting with hoemschool groups in the area. Orion had many friends that he saw a few times a week. Things were going great.

Unfortunately I began needing to go to the hospital often. Sometimes staying for a few days, other times a week or two. It reached a point where in 2007 we moved to NY to be near family. Also, I felt I had no choice but to put Orion in school. Because Kieriana was displaying signs of autism she too was put in a school.

On and off since then I have wanted to homeschool but my health was always a factor. Kieriana turned out not to be autistic and was diagnosed Developmentally Delayed instead. Today her only delay is in speech. In ever other area she's fine.

In October 2011 we moved back to San Diego. My health had greatly improved over the 4 years we were in NY. I no longer need to go into the hospital and am doing well on medication.

When we arrived in San Diego I attempted to put my children in school. Unfortunately due to many factors out of our control they weren't at the same level as their peers. After much debate between my husband and I, we decided once again to homeschool.

I enrolled the both of them in CAVA, the same school I used for my son when he was in kindergarden. It's been a rough ride. I don't know if it's because of their past experience with being in public school, but getting them to do the work has proven to be difficult.

I decided to once again use this blog as a way to chronicle our experiences. I'm trying to remain calm and in control, even through the more difficult times. I know that it will take time for them to get used to the schedule we now have. But I'm confident we can succeed in this.

There are so many bad habits that they both picked up from school, both academically and socially. My hope is that with some gentle guidance they can once again be studious and polite children. It's a hope I hold onto.